This is a static website showing the history of the campaign.

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While permission has been granted by the government, a license from the Environment Agency is required. so the campaign continues.

Welcome to our campaign against an incinerator being built in our town. The Facebook group is an active forum, please join us if you use Facebook (click this link)

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Thankyou Friends of the Earth! We’re proud to have won an award for our work:



Photo: Outside the Queen Mary Centre where MVV were holding a consultation 13th July:

We have a petition calling for Incinerators to be taxed as landfill is, please sign to support us, thankyou! CLICK HERE

Download this banner and share in your window – house or car – to show your support for our campaign to stop this mega incinerator

Please join the Facebook group for details of how to get your hands on these to support the campaign!

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