Bill Redmayne

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you type into Google “UK Incinerators”, you will see a map of the UK showing 90 incinerators. 2/3rds, approximately 65, are built in the UK’s most deprived neighbourhoods.

50 more are in the pipeline, of which half are to be built in the 25% most deprived area. Why? Because the government believe they will not have the power to object!

Communities with an incinerator experience noise, littler, increased vehicle traffic, smells (increasing in the Summer) and air pollution.

Research in 2019 has found an increased risk of cardiac and respiratory disease among long term residents living near an incinerator.

The EU has very strong regulations regarding emissions from incinerators. The waste industry is requesting weaker regulations with the government seriously considering this.

A key problem is the prevailing wind direction. We already experice smells from the current manufacturers in the town. The proposed tall tower is not going to resolve that, the emissions will go in the direction of the wind, mostly towards the town.

Te most worrying factor is what these emissions contain! How well are they monitored? Research by Imperial College showed that air pollution was much higher in the vicinity of incinerators.

The centre of a town must be the last place to building and incinerator.

We must hope that out Member of Parliament, as a senior member of the cabinet, will have have sufficient influence to stop Medworth in its tracks.

W H Redmayne

27th June 2021