Email to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Police and Crime Commissioner

Medworth Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility

From:Maurice Wright

Date:Thursday, 1 July 2021, 18:26 BST

Dear Sir,

I am sure that you will have heard of the Mega Incinerator that MVV are planning to build in Wisbech, but have you been made aware of the impact this will have on the roads in and out of the town? In particular, the A47 andthe A1101. Aside from the congestion problems during the construction phase, once operational the plant will need three hundred 40 tonne lorry loads of waste just to feed the incinerator. These lorries will be arriving at the plant, which will be located on Algores Way on the industrial area, between 7:00am and 8:00pm; that is one lorry every 2.6 minutes. Then they have to unload and leave. It is highly unlikely that a lorry can be unloaded and turned around within this time frame, so there will be a huge tail back. This is on top of the high density of HGVs that come in and out of this industrial area at present. It is likely that we will see large queues of lorries at both Cromwell Road and Elme Hall roundabouts on the A47, effectively blocking the main route between Peterborough and Norwich.

Apart from the congestion, I am also concerned about the state of these roads, which are constructed on silty soil and are prone to subsidence. The roads are already in a poor state.You can find out more about this project on the and websites and the campaign Facebook page The Cambridgeshire County Council unanimously reject MVV’s planning application, so they have now been circumvented, with an application being made to Planning Inspectorate, project also has a massive environmental impact, which is being looked at by others. It would be very helpful if you could review MVV’s transport strategy and prepare an independent review of the impact this project will have on transport in and around Wisbech and the rest of the region.

Yours sincerely

Maurice Wright IEng MIEDStructural Engineer