November 24, 2020

How You Can Help

How you can help:

Please see the documents throughout this website, chat to us on the Facebook group (WisWin) and then as suggested to us by the Chair of CPRE at the Rally, see the questions raised by our MP (click for Stephen Barclay’s 10 Questions) and (click here to put them to the planning inspectorate), ask the MP for updates, click here to write to your own MP if you are out of Northeast Cambs, and put the questions to the company direct click here.  Ask questions, share any answers. See our Facebook page for discussions.

When you feel you have something to say, we suggest you make a few bullet points and your objections to each. If you get a reply, we would be interested to see it on the group.

Here’s another interesting document: 9 Reasons to not use Energy from Waste (EfW)

Print off this form to get signatures on paper

Write to:

  • the company wanting to build the incinerator

MVV Environment Ltd

c/o Devonport EfW CHP Facility

Creek Road




email the website for this particular proposed incinerator via this contact page:

email the parent company via this contact page:…


  • Our MP Stephen (Steve) Barclay

sign his petition:

Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government – Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP

Robert Jenrick is the Conservative MP for Newark, and has been an MP continuously since 5 June 2014. He currently holds the Government post of Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government


More information about the Secretary of State that will be making the decision is here.

We have a small Campaign team who have a variety of skills. This has developed as people have come on board with specialist knowledge and expertise.

We have written to every parish council in the area. Please check that your Parish council has received and ask if they are supporting and what action they plan.

We have written to every school in the area. Please ask your school whether they are supporting and what action they will be taking.

We have written to many individual businesses who will be affected. If you work for any company, please ask if your company are aware of the consequences of allowing this development.

We have written to many Health Practices. Check if they know about the proposed mega incinerator and their views.


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