October 24, 2020

Your photos!

Thankyou to everyone putting up banners around the town. We feel this is an important “show of hands” for the company to see and it could also attract extra press attention, as well as tell others about the proposal.

Kim Taylor has also been out and about following the protests and here’s some of her photos too.

The protestors were outside the community centres for each “exhibition” – during COVID-19 restrictions, MVV put on exhibitions saying they were “educational” (we disagree, as they were, understandably, one-sided – so not a balanced view as education should be). Also, they said they could only let in one household/bubble per hour, so very few people saw what they had on show, we think there were more protestors outside each venue than visitors.

1st October, Rosmini Centre


2nd October, Wisbech St Mary Sports and Community Centre



3rd October, Queen Mary Centre

13th October Marshland Hall


14th October, Oasis Community Centre


15th October, Tower Hall, Friday Bridge


16th October, Walton Highway Village Club




Banners up around town:

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