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Thankyou to everyone who came today, particularly our speakers, Bill Redmayne (Former Rotary District Governor of East Anglia) Dr Alan James (CPRE) and Greater Cambridgeshire Mayor Dr Nik Johnson All spoke eloquently and with detailed information about the incinerator and its effects on the town, and indeed about incineration in general.

see here for Bill Redmayne’s speech

Another update in the papers:

Click on the links below to open a new window with the article in it. Local press, national press and international – all telling us the story of incinerators and their impact on communities.

Protestors Wave Placards as Incinerator Firm Holds Exhibition on 300million Scheme

(with thanks to Kim Taylor for photographs)

Fenland Citizen June 2020 Fears Public Could Miss Out on Having Say

Fenland Citizen 1st March 2020 Thomas Clarkson School to engage specialist

Front page of Wisbech Standard (e-edition here)

letters to the Fenland Citizen week of 24th Feb 2020:

Steve Barclay: I’m on it

Campaign in Wisbech Standard

Rallying Cry

Poolbeg incinerator workers hospitalised after incident

Air pollution has major impact on children in sports

Burning garbage is no part of a cleaner future

What happens when we recycle more?

Fenland Citizen report on the Rally, 16th February – with Michael de Whalley founder of the King’s Lynn campaign and Dr Alan James, Chairman, Cambs/P’boro Campaign

Report on the Rally in the Wisbech Standard