Offer Your Time

We have a small Campaign team who have a variety of skills. This has developed as people have come on board with specialist knowledge and expertise.

We have written to every parish council in the area. Please check that your Parish council has received and ask if they are supporting and what action they plan.

We have written to every school in the area. Please ask your school whether they are supporting and what action they will be taking.

We have written to many individual businesses who will be affected. If you work for any company, please ask if your company are aware of the consequences of allowing this development.

We have written to many Health Practices. Check if they know about the proposed mega incinerator and their views.

We have written to the National Farmers’ Union, if you farm or know a farmer, please ask if they know about this proposal.

At the moment, we can be contacted via email info @ (remove the spaces). Please remember, we are volunteers: parents, workers, experienced in campaigns, inexperienced in campaigns, political, not political; We are all however concerned about this and working together.
Email us, join the facebook group, do what you can to spread the information in these pages and show everyone how it will affect them.